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The firm’s work is characterized by subtlety, coherence, and strength. It is subtle in its lack of pretension. The projects are distinctive and unique, but not flashy. They are thoroughly designed, so each aspect of the building is related to the next. Since the details are consistent, there is a seamlessness, which lends the architecture a sense of repose. The structures are complex, but not nervous in their details. They are also complex in their interrelationship of spaces, which generates a continuous, evolving pleasure in experiencing each building. All of the details and relationships are not obvious at first glance; they become clear over time.

These spatial nuances and detail grace notes contribute to each project’s special character. Collectively, it is these qualities that create the strength of a Kennedy-Grant design. They are sophisticated, intelligent structures, which express the uniqueness of both owner and site. They are designed with great care, and when built that way, they are of the highest quality.