Kennedy Grant-Architecture, Interior Design & Planning
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Excellence is our tradition.

The goal at Kennedy-Grant is to help our clients achieve the best possible architecture. We are extremely creative, developing visual interest and vitality in response to each project’s individual conditions.

We are particularly sensitive to the site, and our designs spring from the existing conditions of topography, orientation, and local history. We are respectful of, but not constrained by, tradition. We do not seek to develop a signature style, but rather, to be responsive to our clients. As a result, our work reflects their character, not ours alone. We seek to develop personal relationships and foster them.

We work within the traditions of architecture…finding inspiration in both vernacular and academic styles. We believe in architecture that reinforces communities. We are committed to working within established cities and towns to enhance and strengthen existing neighborhoods and districts. These actions are inhereently conservative of materials and the social fabric. Our efforts are directed toward strengthening that which is good in the built environment.